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UI/UX Redesign:
Windfinder iOS App

During the Interface Design Course "RE: UI/UX" supervised by Frank Rausch and Timm Kekeritz the goal was to develop a visual redesign for an ios app, considering timely user centred design processes and working through the whole process with the google venture sprint method.


  • concept
  • user research
  • wireframes
  • rapid prototyping
  • ui/ux design


  • Jan 2017
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The chosen application Windfinder is an iOS application which visualizes wind- and weather data in order to guide the current conditions for relevant sports. The motivation behind choosing this application was to find ways on how to visualize dense data in a clean and structured manner without decreasing the richness of displayed data. In the first place we spend time on finding out in which users actually use the application in form of online interviews.

We collected feedback from more than 60 people from different sport related backgrounds. The evaluation of the collected data enabled us to define the focus on the details which were most important to the users and developed clear goals of the redesign. The user research in the beginning of the project brought very valuable insights of important functionalities to the user and their overall experience.

Beside obvious formal design decisions like the aspect of readability, accessibility or contrast the need for customization of the displayed data appeared to be necessary. With the new gained insights I developed an animated version of the redesigned prototype to provide a authentic experience of the benefits of the redesign. The visualization of specific dimensions of data helped the user a lot to gain insights about the data without a need to study single data points.

During the whole process I realized again the importance of user research and feedback to reframe yourself as a designer and develop solutions which address the user itself and learn from their experiences. The definition of clear goals in the beginning facilitates the possibility of tracking the progress within a design project check at any moment if more iterations are necessary and realistic within the given time frame.

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