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The rhythm of the road

Monitoring bike traffic across Berlin

Since 2013, cycle traffic has been recorded automatically throughout the city with the aid of counting stations embedded in the road. The visualization shows annual, weekly and daily driving patterns and aggregates more than 50.000 data points of 26 counting stations over the last six years in Berlin.

Launch project


  • data massage
  • concept & design
  • implementation


  • Aug 2018

All stations are oriented on a square grid and the spree river which crosses the city to provide a better orientation to the user.

The project

Bike mobility becomes more and more relevant for Berlin. Outgoing from the dataset I created the concept, designed and implemented an interactive visualisation which monitores the development of Berlin’s bike traffic over the last six years. The application provides urban and mobility planners insights about trends and habits at the most frequent bike paths and needs for infrastructure can be identified precisely.

Each view exposes a new perspective on the commuting routines of Berlin's cyclists. (Green: maximum count; Blue: median count)

The application

Users can choose to investigate the data in four distinct views: hourly, weekly and monthly views. This allows to explore the driving patterns at different scales. Beside the visualisation can be scaled on absolute and relative values for each year that contains data to expose a better readability of the visualisation.

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