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A city in flux

800 Routes of Diversity and Contrast

»City in Flux« visualizes the informal and formal mobility networks in Cape Town. It reveals hidden patterns and dividing lines throughout the city and tells meaningful stories that help to understand the developments in the city's physical and social mobility networks.

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  • concept
  • visual interface design
  • data visualisation


  • Mar 2018

On the map of Cape Town all bus and taxi routes can be filtered along categories of interest.

The project

In collaboration with the African mobility startup “Where is my transport” we created a concept and I designed and co-implemented an interactive visualisation prototype that showed connections between the living situation around all formal and informal public transportation routes in Cape Town. The visualisation merged mobility data of more than 800 transportation routes with a socio economic dataset from the Statistical service of South Africa

On the left: Share of people with low income within one district. On the right: Share of white people living around the public next to the stop of a transport route.

The design process

The goal was to create meaningful connections between several datasets to create a more holistic picture about the situation in Cape Town. In addition to that we also added an information layer for individuals to share their stories and experiences along the public transportation routes. During the data exploration sketches that focused on different aspects of both datasets were visualized to decide for an efficient visualisation type.

On the map of Cape Town all bus and taxi routes can be filtered along categories of interest.

Each route shows a diverging signature that compares the situation around each bus stop with the statistical average of Cape Town.

The detailed view on individual roads reveals the underlying aggregated sets of data and provides a more in depth perspective about data structures and underlying categories. Individual attached stories can be accessed here as well.

Map overview displays overlapping formal bus and informal taxi routes of Cape Town.

Each story can be attached to individual stops on the route and offer another perspective on the surrouding area. By bringing two sets of data together meaningful patterns about contrasts within the urban area were made explorable in a fully responsive web application. The full project can be found at https://city-in-flux.netlify.com.


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