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Reformation Networks
of Martin Luther

How was the reformation communicated? On the basis of the 500 year anniversary of beginning of the reformation started by Martin Luther, the Deutsches Historische Museum planned an extensive online exhibition around the life and achievements of Martin Luther. The goal of this visualisation was to illustrate the development of this historical event and propose an overview to the collected data of more than 12.000 written letters between the different relevant actors.


  • information visualization
  • infographic


  • 2016
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The graphic captures political influences between the main actors. Further more less visible participants become more visible and the sheer amount of letter based communication is exposed. It is possible to isolate communication networks of single persons and receive extended details about relevant actors in the interactive version. The chronicle distribution of the dated letters depict the involvement of the different parties and reveal visual patterns. It was published at the online exhibition of the DHM and printed publication while I was working at the Infographics Group

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