I'm not taking any new projects right now – I'm currently taking care of coffee smallholders data on a global scale. If you need a DataViz Person, look here.

Hi I'm Fabian Dinklage, a data visualization engineer and information designer based in Berlin. I design interfaces and craft interactive data-driven experiences to help you understand your data.

selected projects

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Transforming Education in Côte d'Ivoire: Prototyping an administrative dashboard to reduce child labor
German federal election parliament: 735 elected members of the Bundestag 2021 visualized
Climate change risks in Germany: Personalized visualization of climate change risks
CO₂ Mobility: Personalized visualization about the sustainability of individual mobility
Corona Dashboard: Visualization of the current Corona data for Germany and the world
Corona Aerosol Simulator: Visualizing the spread of coronavirus indoors
U.S. Election Dashboard: Visualizing the U.S. election 2020 results live during the election night
Protest Capital: Visualizing last three years of public protests in Berlin
International Trading Streams: Visualization of all product imports for transparency and sustainability
Educational Technology In Berlin: Innovative digital education services of Berlin made accessible for civil-society.
Gender Inequality In Politics: How gender equal are political decisions made on a country level and what are underlying trends?
Shared Mobility Flows: Explore and analyse spatio-temporal patterns of Berlin's shared bike mobility providers.
The Curricle Lens: Visualized, Annotaded, Connected: what should the course catalog look like in the 21st century?
A City In Flux: Mapping socio-economic and mobility data of Cape Town.
Rhythm Of The Road: Berlin's temporal cycling patterns visualized.
Retro Future Hacker News: Visualizing controversy and popularity of the news aggregator.
Invisible Ties Of Meetup: Ten years of meetup history visualized and annotated.
Election Candidates 2017: Who they are and what they are standing for?


Data Visualization
I analyse, transform, and organise your data to find underlying structures and patterns. I embrace the design process, prototype ideas with code and work closely with you to develop engaging data-driven experiences that are easy to use and provide valuable perspectives that engage in acting. I'm interested in complex and data-dense problems and develop novel solutions to your most pressing questions.
Interface Design & Consultancy
I define concept directions, create wireframes and create consistent visual styles to provide a joyful user experience. I do ideation workshops with stakeholders to develop elaborated digital products. I review your product and find potential opportunities of improvement.

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